Get The Party Started Deluxe Edition

For a limited time our new Deluxe Edition of the Get The Party Started album is specially priced at £4.49 for your listening and watching pleasure. We’re talking less than 25p per track here. This bundle includes all 13 album tracks, 3 additional mixes (including the previously unreleased and fabulous Soundscape Dance Mix), 2 videos, (Get The Party Started and The Living Tree) and is available for download exclusively on iTunes.

Dame Shirley Bassey

“A jaw-dropping collection of remixes that foreground the Tiger Bay vixen’s fabulous stadium-filling voice with all the drama and glamour you’d expect” (BBC)

“The Tigress Of Tiger Bay is back! Shirley Bassey can take any song and kick it up through the gears in spectacular style and that’s exactly what she’s doing here” (AOL)

“The unmistakable Bassey boom which, at 70, sounds as rich as when she belted out Goldfinger” (EXPRESS)

“Stonking cover versions of contemporary hits by the leather-lunged dame from the Valleys. May crack the punch bowl if played any louder” (SAGA)

“Forget solar panels, windmills and ethanol. If we want to find the greatest natural alternative power source on earth, we should simply harness the lungs of Shirley Bassey” (DAILY NEWS)

“Bassey, 71, sounds like a 20-year-old, proving yet again that age is just a number and experience trumps youth every time” (COURIER JOURNAL)

“Looking as ravishing and singing as pungently as she did in the ’60s… few could stay off the dance floor when she reworks Pink’s Get the Party Started” (SEATTLE PI)

“Pink’s girls’-night out hit gets a brassy treatment from the “Diamonds Are Forever” dame. And it works!” (BLENDER)

Download now for only £4.49, for a limited time only

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