Never The Bride at The House of Lords

Been and Nikki rocked up to the House of Lords actually on time! Waiting patiently was Lord David Evans who was to be our host and guide for the day.

The House Of Lords was absolutely stunning, the art, the decor, the atmosphere were all seriously impressive. The room that impressed us the most was Westminster Hall where the likes of Guy Fawkes, Charles I, were tried for their crimes and the Queen Mother is laid in state. The Queen herself was due the next day to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee. The link below takes you to our Flickr photo gallery where you can check out all our pictures, including the thrones and all the little red and gold chairs waiting to be sat upon! What you can’t see is the very tacky keyboard and amp set up to play ‘God Save The Queen.’ It wouldn’t have got near the stage of a Never The Bride gig!

After a fabulous lunch at The Lords with David, whom we by now had Christened LORD OF ROCK, we were taken to sit in on Question Time. We were dressed of course in true Rock n Roll Style and didn’t really blend in with the the Maggie Thatcher lookie likie hair dooos that some of the women had!

Lord Of Rock or David as we now call him has asked us to be a part of a concert at The Dorchester to raise money for a brand new Cancer Centre at UCLH. It’s costing £30,000,000 and David has raised an unbelievable £29,000,000! The concert is on Wednesday 25th April 2012 and is now sold out but anyone wanting to make a donation please click here.


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