Lock Stock and Barrel Records

We are a young UK indie. We initially set up the label as a vehicle for our own band Never The Bride but then something wonderful happened: After hearing our recording of The Living Tree, the fabulous Dame Shirley Bassey fell in love with our song. We suggested that she record it with us and the rest is history. We recorded and produced her Get The Party Started album, which debuted at number 6 in the UK album charts. Her single The Living Tree was a UK top 40 hit and in the USA we had a dance mix in the Billboard Top 10. Pretty good going for a young label. That’s our biggest success so far but there’s certainly more coming your way soon. Watch this space.

Lock Stock and Barrel Music

This is once again set up by us for us. If a voice can be found for one of our songs, we’ll try harder to get it to them than anyone else. At the moment the writers are Catherine Feeney and Nikki Lamborn. If a great writer comes our way, we’ll be happy to try for them too.

Lock Stock Distribution and Marketing

We work closely with Henry Semmence and his team at Absolute Marketing and Distribution. Together we proved that indie labels can work for major artists (See: DAME SHIRLEY SPURNS MAJORS.) In the process of becoming a chart artist once again, we also helped raise Dame Shirley’s profile to a new high and introduced her to festivals such as Glastonbury where she headlined Summer 2007.

Catherine Feeney, Nikki Lamborn and Diz Dizdale of Lock Stock and Barrel photographed here with Dame Shirley Bassey in 2007.

Diz Dizdale and Nikki Lamborn of Lock Stock and Barrel photographed here with Bryan Adams at LG Arena Birmingham, December 4th 2011