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From the Press:

“A jaw-dropping collection of remixes that foreground the Tiger Bay vixen’s fabulous stadium-filling voice with all the drama and glamour you’d expect” (BBC)

“The Tigress Of Tiger Bay is back! Shirley Bassey can take any song and kick it up through the gears in spectacular style and that’s exactly what she’s doing here.” (AOL)

“The unmistakable Bassey boom which, at 70, sounds as rich as when she belted out Goldfinger.” (DAILY EXPRESS)

“Stonking cover versions of contemporary hits by the leather-lunged dame from the Valleys. May crack the punch bowl if played any louder” (SAGA)

“As shown by the Pink title track and recent powerhouse single The Living Tree, the lady herself remains a formidable force of nature” (Q MAGAZINE)

“Bassey Returns with a Thrilling Party” (RIVER CITIES’ READER)

“Forget solar panels, windmills and ethanol. If we want to find the greatest natural alternative power source on earth, we should simply harness the lungs of Shirley Bassey.” (DAILY NEWS)

“Bassey, 71, sounds like a 20-year-old, proving yet again that age is just a number and experience trumps youth every time” (COURIER JOURNAL)

“Looking as ravishing and singing as pungently as she did in the ’60s… few could stay off the dance floor when she reworks Pink’s “Get the Party Started.” (SEATTLE PI)

“Pink’s girls’-night out hit gets a brassy treatment from the “Diamonds Are Forever” dame. And it works!” (BLENDER)

From the Fans:

Dance with me Shirley, let our shoes cry together! It rains from the sky tonight a beautiful song! ; ) I love The Living Tree! You’re still on top Shirley! xo Cherry

There have been so many lame Bond songs in recent years … like when will the Bond producers realise there is only ONE TRUE BOND GIRL and her name is Shirley Bassey. In an ideal world, you’d sing ALL the Bond theme tunes.

Dear Dame Shirley”The Living Tree “is amazing. It’s your best yet. Here’s wishing you a beautiful weekend ……..

I have been listening to DSB almost exclusively since THREE American Idol contestants chose to sing Shirley Bassey songs two weeks ago during “British Invasion” week.
It just proves that Shirley Bassey is as well loved, as relevant and revered as she was four decades ago! Rock on, DSB. You rule now, more than ever.
Peace, Ste

Great video, great song, FANTASTIC vocals!! Let’s get this to No 1 !!

~An absolutely mesmerizing video! I lost track of everything around me, except for Dame Shirley Bassey. She’s absolutely riveting! A splendid performance!~

So beautiful the new video..i hope to see it on Italian TV!and you look so beautiful an amazing! I’m dancing and my shoes are crying….


This song is amazing! I love it already after a few listens! Just pre-ordered it from your site, can’t wait for the release! love your music =)

Greeting From Chicago. I’ve always loved your wonderful music and it a real honor to be your friend. The Living tree has an incredible haunting quality that is sure to be a hit. Much success with the new album and may the Goddess always light your path. Jo

Thank you so very much for the add Dame Shirley has been my favourite singer for more years than i care to remember…She is Awesome..The Living Tree…AWESOME…. Every god wish to you..Naomi x

Thanks for the add. I just loved hearing Shirley sing the Living Tree!! Powerful. Awesome! Johnny Tarantino

Wow. Dame Shirley Bassey, still sounding and looking fantastic. The Living Tree is a great tune.

Hello, I love the first song that Shirley sings, I like the tempo it’s Shirley’s style. Thank you for the info on Shirley’s up coming release of her single and album. Shirley I love you !!!your simple the best,better than all of the rest,your incredible what you are turning out ,all this beautiful music .Thank you Shirley for making millions of fans happy. Love Georgina

I saw a young woman sing your song, “I [who have nothing ] on American Idol and was impressed. After hearing you sing, my musical life has changed in a profound way. Thank you.
Hello gorgeous Dame Shirley Bassey!

Your Diamonds Are Forever indeed made this Bond’s part shining!
Keep on rocking with your strong powerful voice as you do it with The Living Tree! Your diamond songs are forever!
Lena, St-Petersburg, Russia

Thank you for adding me! Shirley has been in our lives for so long and her star never fades, our family adore her and her voice is amazing as ever, love the new single awesome!

Dame Bassey- Your new single is just wonderful. I am telling everybody about it.
with all my love and best wishes for a happy, healthy birthday,
Fondly, Nanny Phoebe Figalilly

Shirley! You are one amazing woman! Love your new track and I will do mine to spread the word. Thanx for takin’ time (those of ya who did) to listen and give such a great comment about my music – fantastic!!! Nina x

I would like to thank you very much for your approval.
Your voice is goes beyond the definition of powerful.
You truly are one of a kind.
Thanks again.
Much respect to you and your crew.
And bless you for being you GSLady.

Dear Shirley!….When I was so young, I got the album exactly from London(my aunt studied there)and when I was listening it I fell in love in all your songs…It was early 70s…
But the most of them I prefer “All by myself”!…Today, I’ve got your CDs…You still look like so lovely and passionately, and so sing!….
I’m honored to be a part of your space!…I’m waiting for your new album!…hugs, Sanja

Without a doubt. Shirley, you are the one and only voice that comes from a time when people really sang, and to a time when you still show them how it’s to be done. Congratulations dear girl on your 70th! Keep being and showing! Much love and respect to you.

we were delighted to hear your new song. Certainly the most epic song you’ve been given for a long while, it is the essence of Basseyness and the best thing we’ve heard for a long time!

I am so happy to be connected to such a wonderful team that actually writes and understands what human contact is all about. What more can one say other than once a lady, always a lady. I have been blessed to know Ms. Bassey’s work since I was a little girl and now I am singing professionally myself.
What a gift to have such an amazing artist bless my life.
I hope that there’ll be a show or two over this way so I can sit right in front!
Sending beautiful thoughts and + vibes from Paris. Brigitte

Dame Shirley, I like very much your song The Living Tree. You have an incredible voice!

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